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Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue TNR sign imageVolunteers Are Needed And Welcome!

Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue is extremely dependant on assistance and involvement from the greater community. We are a small team of concerned neighbors working together to affect a significant and much needed improvement.

So, how can you help?

Here are a few ways. If you have some other talent, idea, ability, we are open to hearing from you.

- One of the most rewarding experiences can be in fostering and nurturing kittens. Whether you and your family can manage new-borns, who require bottle-feeding and close attention, or slightly older and more self-sufficient kittens, your help is needed in this area.

Volunteers are needed to help set-up and take-down cages on "Adoption Days"

We could also use some assistance with fund-raising. Work with other volunteers and the public to raise money, supplies, etc. Help plan fund-raising event(s) and develop sales ideas to help raise money needed to pay veterinary expenses and provide for food/supplies.

Even just periodic transportation assistance to help get cats to/from veteranary appointments, foster homes, and pet adoptions.

Help in the area of home inspections for potential kitten adoptions for qualified individuals coule be a big help.

We're only able to do all this through your generous donations. Please do what you can to help, and donate today. Your monies will help with costs of treating and spay/neuter will be gratefully accepted.75%

Adopt your favorite kitten or reformed cat!

EIN# 46-0582435

Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue gladly accepts and appreciates your donation to the cause.

Moe the Hobo - thank you