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Feral cats in Mountain House, California

The population of feral cats in Mountain House has seen a dramatic increase in the wake of the housing crash. Too many people, it seems, left their cats to fend for themselves when they moved away.

The practice of "TNR" - Trap, Neuter, Return - is the best-practices proven method for effective and humane management of feral populations.

Since its inception in May, 2012, Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue has developed a regular TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) process with feral cats. Our mission relies heavily on private donations. Please help us with your donation today.

buttercup"Hi, my name is Buttercup. I live in Anne-marie and her neighbor's gardens. I am very talkative and wait on the porch for breakfast to be served most mornings. My coat does not look so nice anymore, because I've been living outside since my owner moved away and left me behind almost 2 years ago. I am very happy living at my new-found home. I enjoy just lazing in the sun, and am very well cared for.

sybil feral cat treated spayed returnedSybil, one of the first ferals caught by MHFCR has a new mama, as her kittens were collected, taken-in for foster care, treated, and adopted out.

Kittens of feral cats are not bound by nature to remain feral. With love, attention and affection, they can grow up to be just as tame and part of the family as any regular house cat.

photo of feral cat in Mountain HouseSylvester has been a carouser of several Mountain House villages. He is believed to have fathered a good number of the black and white kittens that have been discovered. TNR worked very nicely for him - the first male trapped by MHFCR.

We're only able to do all this through your generous donations. Please do what you can to help, and donate today. Your monies will help with costs of treating and spay/neuter will be gratefully accepted.

Adopt your favorite kitten or reformed cat!

EIN# 46-0582435

Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue gladly accepts and appreciates your donation to the cause.

Moe the Hobo - thank you