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they grow up to be just as tame and part of the family as any regular house cat.



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Name: Muffins


Approx DOB: unknown

Sex: F


Coloring: Tortie

About: This beautiful kitty is looking for a new home. She was a feral kitty that a very loving person took care of. She has since learned to trust her caretaker and is allowed into the garage at night to sleep and be comfortable. Her caretaker is moving out of state and is looking for a very special person to take her in and take care of her. She's a little skittish still but with some time and love she will come to trust her new caregiver also. Her person thinks that she would make a great indoor cat with some work. If you can find it in your heart to take in this lovely cat please call Kim at 209-814-6399 to arrange a meeting and get to learn more about Muffins.


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