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Kitten & Cat Adoption:

In addition to managing the feral cat issues in town, Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue fosters, nurtures, and treats the kittens found. First shots are given and, when ready, each kitten is spayed or neutered.

Kittens are then made available for you to adopt, ultimately at a cost much lower than what you would otherwise face for initial care. Our very modest adoption donation fee includes the costs of your spay/neuter, as well as first shots, so you may provide a loving forever home for our friends.

Please click on the image of the cat/kitten(s) of your interest the one(s) who speak to you to continue. We recommend that you come meet your prospective family addition(s) before making your final choice(s).

photo of Muffins - click for more info and or to begin adoption
Muffins - ID# ~0~
photo of Jem  - click for more info and or to begin adoption
Jem - ID# 1605003~1~
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EIN# 46-0582435

Mountain House Cat Rescue gladly accepts and appreciates your donation to the cause.

You may contribute in a number of ways: directly with financial contribution; fulfilling wish list items; or even sponsoring vet services for one or more cats

we appreciate whatever amount you are able to contribute