Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue

Mountain House Cat Recue is a community-based rescue endeavor, taking-on and working with feral cat-related issues, and to continue to manage and minimize the feral cat problem in Mountain House, California.

Our mission is not to get rid of the cats found in the Mountain House Creek and surrounding neighborhoods, but to work toward capturing and treating as many as we can, then setting them back into their environment once vaccinated and spayed/neutered. This approach allows them to live out their lives without the continuing issues that come with never-ending population growth.

This effort began in earnest back in 2012 when a group of concerned Mountain House neighbors met to discuss how to deal with the extreme number of cats that appeared to have been dumped by folks losing their homes during the recession. A bit of study determined that the "TNR" - Trap, Neuter, Return - process was the proven most effective and humane approach to curbing population growth.
Since that time, MHFCR has grown only in stature in the community. An all-volunteer organization headed and run by a handful of local residents, MHFCR has no "facility", and is limited to working only within the boundaries of the community of Mountain House, California. Assistance, by way of advice and/or potential contacts, may be available to those outside the area. But no direct work may be done, as per the MHFCR bylaws and non-profit charter.
The TNR approach has proven a very effective means in reducing what was a burgeoning feral cat population in and around the Mountain House Creek, as well as neighborhoods throughout the numerous villages. The MHFCR mission continues to be a focus on TNR of feral cats. The Rescue is not equipped to deal with house cats, pets, or any issue not surrounding actual feral cats.
We advise no kill shelters for pets and other domesticated felines for whom their owners are not able to re-home.
Again, this entire endeavor is being done through volunteer efforts and the generous donations of friends and neighbors who want to help make a difference in our community. For more information on how you might help, or even become involved, call 209-597-8150, or drop us an email.

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MHFCR Is a registered 501-C(3) Non-Profit

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Organization The entire MHFCR endeavor is accomplished through volunteer efforts and the generous donations of friends and neighbors who want to help make a difference in our community. We need and appreciate your help. Financial donations will go toward the veterinary bills associated with TNR, and with treating kittens. We work with local Veterinarians who have agreed to provide their services at a considerable discount off their standard rates. However, it's not free. Aside from the financial support, we do also accept and appreciate donation of such things as clumping cat litter, dry cat and kitten food, and the like.

Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue

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