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Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue TNR sign imageMountain House Cat Recue is a community-based rescue endeavor, taking-on and working to minimize the growing feral cat problem in Mountain House, California.

Our mission is not to get rid of the cats found in the Mountain House Creek and surrounding neighborhoods, but to work toward capturing and treating as many as we can, then setting them back into their environment once vaccinated and spayed/neutered.Harry, the Wickland Market cat

This effort began in earnest with the decision to rescue "Harry", the Wickland Market Cat. He was in need of help. He got vaccinated and cared for, with a new forever home ultimately found. Given that he had been previously neutered and determined to have been abandoned, not feral, he was not put back out into the wild.

Pretty immediately after rescuing Harry, a new-born litter of kittens was discovered in the Altamont Village and, ultimately, the mother cat. The kittens were fostered, and treated, and adopted out to new forever families. The mama photo of rescued kitten being fedcat was captured, as well, spayed and treated, and set free.

Kittens of feral cats are not bound by nature to remain feral. With love, attention, and affection, they can grow up to be just as tame and part of the family as any regular house cat.

This entire endeavor is being done through volunteer efforts and the generous donations of friends and neighbors who want to help make a difference in our community.

MHFCR received our non-profit 501(C)3 status in late 2013. We continue to exist through your generous donations. Please do what you can to help, and donate today. Your tax-deductible dollars will help with costs of treating and spay/neuter will be gratefully accepted.

Adopt your favorite kitten or reformed cat!

EIN# 46-0582435

Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue gladly accepts and appreciates your donation to the cause.

Moe the Hobo - thank you